Lesson Topic: Aggressive Driving

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Target audience: 2-3 grade students

Objective: Students will identify dangers to aggressive driving. Students will practice patience and sharing.

Materials: 2 bags of penny candy

Set-up: In a gym, arrange students on a perimeter.


Explain to students that when you throw the candy in the air, they can scramble to get as many pieces as they can. Throw a hand-full into the middle of the gym.

Discuss problems:

Ask: What happened when everybody scrambled to get the pieces of candy? Is this the best way to distribute the candy? Is this the safest way? What if you were cars? What would the result be?

Let's pretend that you are cars, how would things be different?

Suggest: When I throw the candy, this time, walk. Pick up the pieces of candy and return to the perimeter. Once you reach the perimeter, share your candy with your neighbors.


Activity ideas:

  • List some classroom rules for “aggressive driving”

  • Brainstorm ideas on how to deal with aggressive driving/behavior